Indigenous Placemaking Zombies

As a possible connection between pan-indigeneity and global nightclub culture, I wonder if there is a link that could be drawn between definitions of indigeneity and placemaking. I came across this article and appreciate how it shows the ways queer people of color created spaces to be themselves through collective placemaking: 
In my digging through the internet, I came across this video. It was produced by a company that does a lot of work with urban dance. It is interesting to me to see these various dance forms (Breakin’, Finger Tutting, Flexing, Gliding, and maybe some I don’t know the names of) which were each developed in their particular cities and communities be organically combined. It is as though there is a two-fold nature of urban dance forms; they have regional/technical specificity as well as a tendency towards combinatory play. In terms of complex systems, this is a good balance of order and entropy.

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