Fulfillment of Nature

In the work of Virgil Ortiz, I am drawn to the mixture of traditional, contemporary, queer erotics, and futurism. To me it feels like a combination that wants to have an integrative conversation with its audience. It wants to promote healing and a freedom of expression, yet also asks for reflection on the power of the unknown. There is mix of mystical and sexual forces. For this mixture to to exist there is a balance required between our higher capacity as humans to connect with realities unseen and our most primal sensual selves. Out of the imbalance of these energies, many of our world’s problems are exacerbated, as humans end up harming each other through misguided overcompensations for this sense of disconnection.
As humans we intuitively know we have capacities that, if developed, would lead into union with some greater sense of Being than our everyday awareness. This sense of being profoundly interconnected with each other through Nature is often messaged as something to be developed by spiritual adepts. Us laypeople are told by Western consumer culture to resign ourselves to a life devoted to seeking material comfort. Even in spiritually-minded spaces like Yoga workshops, there is a fetishization of spiritual practices that end-up keeping the deepest possibilities of the practices themselves hidden to most. In a strange twist, there is an attempt to approach the state described as enlightenment, where one is bathed in a constant flow of Divine nectar, directly. However, this approach misses the point. To have a experience of spiritual enlightenment, we should not develop our ‘spiritual’ capacities, rather we should develop a well-rounded balance of our capacities: physical, emotional, mental, personality level, and spiritual.
Yoga Sutra 4.2 
Transformation into another situation happens through the fulfillment of Nature.
Yoga Sutra 4.3
The change-initiating factor acts on Nature indirectly, like a farmer who opens a breach (in the dike).

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